end of the chapter.

dear readers, im stopping with this blog... with many reasons why.. I dont update it anymore and actually dont feel like it.. also the whole fashionbloggersscene is just not something for me. not for now at least. since I really love blogging, I started another blog, with another kind of twist. its a concept that involves photo's and video's. I want to update (at least) 1 photo a day or so with just random subjects for most people, but a clear subject for me. something beautiful, nice, useless, ugly, cool, weird, dreamy I've seen and want to share with you. its something I really wanted to do for a while, and I think now is the time to start over, with something fresh. Im really excited, and I hope that you'll visit it and give your opinion about it. thank you all so much for the comments and following my blog, it meant (and means) a lot to me.
so, the new blog: www.mylittleunderground.blogspot.com
xo, Yasmin

ps; Im still reading and following your blogs!